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31 January
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Now... First things firsts...

I'm an Arashi fan. A huge, raving, dorky Arashi fan. I WAS living in Japan and being the huge, raving, dorky Arashi fan that I am, I have spent a small fortune on Arashi goods. Being the NICE, huge, raving, dorky Arashi fan that I am, I realise that it's not really fair how much we (the other huge, raving, dorky Arashi etc fans) have to pay to get our goods.

So I'm starting this. This is going to be my "Japan goods selling blog". Naturally I'll have a leaning towards Arashi stuff, because... They're my fandom of choice, but I'll be selling a bunch of Johnny's stuff etc, and I'm going to be putting things up for a little more than I pay for them, but I really will try to keep the prices as low as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me- I promise I don't have rabies!

YAY for fandom sharings!

If you're wondering why I have so many duplicates of things... It's because I'm terribly forgetful in the presence of lovely Arashi boys, and often go "OH THAT'S NICE- I MUST HAVE THAT!" having forgotten that I've already done that. This is particularly true for photos. I don't have a favourite in Arashi (because that's just mean- Arashi is *5* people), and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. That said, I think Ohno is the funniest and most talented at singing and dancing, Nino is the one I think I'd be bff's with and is one of the greatest actors ever, Sho is the best looking and has the nicest speaking voice, Aiba is the one I wish was my little brother and cheers me up just by looking at him, and Jun puts in the most effort and would be the one I'd be most compatible with in a dating sense, because we have the same bad points.

I can be contacted AT zinjapanlandljgmailcom